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Flash Wireless

Taxes & Fees

In addition to your monthly service charges, other charges associated with surcharges, taxes, fees may be assessed. All taxes, fees and surcharges are based on the individual components that comprise the rate plan or feature. Some taxes and fees may not be imposed on all components of your rate plan or feature(s).

Federal, state and local governments may impose taxes, fees and surcharges on wireless carriers. These charges may vary depending on your geographical jurisdiction in which the Flash Wireless service is being used. The types of services that are taxed and the applicable tax rates are based upon the taxing jurisdiction assigned to your account.

Taxes, fees and surcharges you may see on your invoice may include, but not limited to:

Regulatory and Administrative Charges

The Regulatory and Administrative Fee may be applied per line, per month by Flash Wireless to help defray various fees imposed upon us by various entities in connection with our provision of service, expenses we incur in connection with regulatory compliance and payment of any related charges, as well as various costs imposed on Flash Wireless associated with billing, carrier access, ecommerce, website hosting, and digital marketing. The Regulatory and Administrative Fee may differ based on your plan due to differences in applicable carrier costs. The Regulatory and Administrative Fee is a Flash Wireless charge, not a tax.

State & Local Taxes

States, counties, cities, and special taxing districts may assess various taxes on wireless communication services. These State and Local Taxes may include: Telecommunications Sales Tax, Sales Tax, Statutory, Gross Receipts (Wireless), License Tax and Utility Users Tax. Applicable taxes are collected and remitted to the jurisdiction that is assessing the tax.

State & Local Required 911 Charges

Some states and localities require wireless carriers to collect a fee for 911 funds. These fees vary by state and locality. Applicable taxes are collected and remitted to the jurisdiction that is assessing the tax.

Federal & State Universal Service Fund Assessment Universal Service Fund (USF, USF Cellular)

All carriers remit this fee and it helps to fund subsidized service for high-cost areas to keep them affordable. Supporting telecommunications services to schools, libraries, and hospitals, especially in rural areas. In addition to the federal fee, some states also levy a USF fee.