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Data Usage Estimator

Below are general guidelines for the amount of data used for commonly used services.*

Type of Usage File Size 1GB Mobile Data
1 email (text only) 20KB 52429
1 email (with standard attachment) 350KB 2996
Web Access 200KB 5243
1 minute of streaming music 1MB 17.06 hrs
1 song download 4MB 256
1 app download 4MB 256
1 minute of streaming video (standard quality) 4MB 4.27 hrs
1 minute of streaming video (high quality) 6MB 2.85 hrs
1 digital photo 3MB 341
Social Media/Online Game Play
1 social media download/upload (with photo) 350KB 2996
1 minute of online game play 1MB 17.06 hrs
Video Calls
1 minute of video FaceTime call 2.5MB 6.83 hrs
1 minute of Skype video call 1.5MB 11.38 hrs
Navigation (turn-by-turn directions)
1 minute of turn-by-turn navigation 85KB 204 hrs

*Data usage varies per phone/device. The above examples are based on averages using a smartphone and are estimates only. The actual amount of dat used for the described activity can vary significantly from the examples above.

Wi-fi does not count against your mobile data allowance.