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Flash Wireless Hearing Aid Compatibility

This table lists the hearing aid compatibility ratings Flash Wireless phones.

The Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) Rating system was developed by the wireless industry to apply ratings to phones that may be compatible with hearing devices.

There are two types of ratings: M-Ratings and T-Ratings. M-Ratings are likely to generate less interference to hearing devices than unrated phones. Within the M-Ratings, there are M4 and M3, M4 being better than M3. As for T-Ratings, they are likely to be more usable with hearing device's telecoil than unrated phones. Within the T-Ratings, there are T4 and T3, T4 being better than T3.

Manufacturer/Model TTY Compatible? HAC Rating
BlackBerry Curve 9330 Yes M4, T4
HTC Droid Incredible 2 Yes M4, T3
HTC Evo Yes M4, T3
HTC Evo Shift (Detail) Yes M4, T3
HTC Hero Yes M3, T3
HTC One Yes M4, T4
Huawei Express Yes M4, T4
iPhone 4 16 GB Yes M4, T4
Kyocera Brio Yes M4, T4
Kyocera Milano Yes M4, T4
LG Marquee Yes M4, T4
LG Optimus Yes M4, T4
LG Optimus Elite Yes M4, T3
LG Optimus Slider Yes M3, T4
LG Remarq Yes M4, T4
Motorola Photon 4G Yes M4, T4
Samsung Array Yes M3, T4
Samsung Chrono R260 Yes M4, T4
Samsung Conquer Yes M4, T4
Samsung Galaxy Note II Yes M4, n/a
Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Yes M4, T3
Samsung Galaxy S III Yes M4, n/a
Samsung Galaxy S 4 Yes M3, n/a
Samsung Intercept Yes M4, T3
Samsung M240 Yes M4, T4
Samsung M330 Yes M4, T4
Samsung M360 Yes M4, T4
Samsung M370 Yes M4, T4
Samsung M400 Yes M4, T4
Samsung Replenish Yes M4, T3
Samsung Seek Yes M4, n/a
Samsung Transform Yes M4, T3
Samsung Transform Ultra Yes M4, T4
Sanyo PLS-2700 Yes M4, T4
Samsung Galaxy Victory Yes M4, n/a
Sanyo Vero Yes M4, T4
Sprint Express Yes M4, T4